Monday, March 20, 2006

There's something about the Dutch...

As a resident of one of the most conservative, puritanical and straight-laced countries in the world, I admire other more progressive countries like Chile, for example. They, among many other democratic countries, have elected female leaders while in the U.S. we're still running polls to find out if people will vote for a woman for president and we have knuckle-dragging throw-backs like Tony Blankly who aren't even ashamed to parrot the old canard that women are too emotional to be president. (Translation: women might actually consider the consequences before taking us into unnecessary wars.)

Tony Blankly actually said this on The McLaughlin Report (the transcript hasn't been posted yet, but I heard it with my own ears).

Even though quite a lot of democracies are or have elected women to their highest offices, no one can beat the Dutch when it comes to leading the way with progressive ideas. They've decriminalized marijuana and prostitution and now they've adopted a novel method for screening would-be immigrants.

If you want to become a Dutch citizen, you must pass a rather stringent test. They will require that you watch footage of a topless woman bathing and two men kissing. If you can't handle it, you aren't socially tolerant enough to live in The Netherlands.