Sunday, April 02, 2006

Condi Rice is a Cold-Hearted Bitch

The Guardian has an interesting article, "Beware, Jack, there's steel in her heart", about CondiFullofLies Rice who visited her British counterpart, Jack Straw, recently:

"Condi's soulmate, George W, has trouble with civilised dialogue. The Middle East, and the world, are poorer for it. Dr Rice is an unemotional woman who failed to cry at her mother's funeral, explaining that they would meet again in heaven...

Despite her extraordinary rise to power, and her charisma, many people do not warm to Condi. Her velvet hawkishness and adjustable beliefs scare liberals. Leap-frogging white men to top jobs has not endeared her to her own constituency. The African-American film director, Spike Lee, last week urged black people to shun her over the administration's handling of Hurricane Katrina. Others have made similar criticisms. New Orleans drowned, and where was Condi? Buying enough New York shoes to kit out a centipede, and watching Spamalot on Broadway."
Now this dangerous team, CondiFullofLies AKA the Chevron Oil Tanker and George W. Bu$h are beating the drums of war again, with Iran in the crosshairs.

On the night Condi began her tour, I sat on a Chatham House panel discussing whether US military action against Iran is hype or a possibility. Hardly anyone in an audience of several hundred thought the threat outlandish. Already the quadrille that preceded the Iraq war is being danced again. Exiles in Washington whisper of a regime ripe for change and, quite wrongly, of a people poised to garland western liberators. The UN moves towards possible sanctions: The threat of WMD hangs in the air....
....Only the optimistic would detect an inner dove in Condi Rice. The US policy on non-proliferation is riven by hypocrisy, but no one except a fool would be happy if a President who thinks Israel should be wiped off the map were to acquire nuclear weapons. Unless one side blinks, or diplomacy prevails, there are two likely outcomes. Either Iran gets the bomb, or the US strikes first. Of these hideous choices, the second is the greater threat to world stability.

As the stakes rise, Jack Straw has concerns beyond whether Condi will wear her Blackburn Rovers strip with pride. Though they did not seem to notice, the protesters who heckled her have bigger worries too. It's not about getting Dr Rice miraculously to end this war. It's about stopping her embarking on the next one.
These religious zealots are insanely out of touch with reality and the Iranian leaders are extremists, too. The Rice & Bu$h apocalyptic war team will touch off a backlash from Iran who would respond to U.S. military strikes against its nuclear sites with global attacks by intelligence operatives and Hezbollah teams. The Washington Post reported in an article on its Web site on Saturday, citing unnamed "intelligence and terrorism experts":
Iran would attack U.S. targets in Iraq and there is "growing consensus that Iran's agents would target civilians in the United States, Europe and elsewhere," The Post said.

"U.S. officials would not discuss what evidence they have indicating Iran would undertake terrorist action," it said.

But the article quoted one "senior official" as saying that the matter is "a huge issue" and another saying it "is consuming a lot of time" in the U.S. intelligence apparatus.

Intelligence officials declined to say whether they have detected "preparatory measures" by Iran's foreign-based operatives, such as more surveillance, counter-surveillance or message traffic, The Post said.

The Post article comes amid increased international tension over Iran's nuclear program, which some nations say is aimed at building atomic bombs. Iran says the program is civilian.
And all you Bu$h voters who actually believed you'd be safer with this idiot in charge of foreign affairs, this man who unbelievably sat frozen in a classroom for 7 minutes after being informed that we were under attack on 9/11, are as stupid as he is and you are complicit in the decline of the American Empire.

The Iraq war and the Bu$hites' greed, incompetence and misplaced priorities are quickly turning us into a "banana republic" with chimpanzees in charge of the government. They have increased our national debt to insane levels while preserving those precious tax cuts for the wealthy. Now food for poor, senior citizens is on the chopping block.

In his 2007 budget proposal, President Bush wants to eliminate the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) which provides nutritional food packages to needy infants, children, single women, and seniors. Eighty-five percent of the food goes to the elderly and many recipients are disabled.
These are prime examples of the Christian Taliban's family values.