Saturday, April 29, 2006

Evolution News: Missing Link Discovered

You've probably already heard about the recent discovery of the "missing link" that proves Darwin's theory of evolution, but that wasn't the first one discovered. Rincewind spotted one earlier and announced it on this blog:

"It's a waste of time to search for the missing link in Africa when anyone can see it's living in the White House right now."

The Gospel is here (The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster) by Bobby Henderson and it's available at book stores and on Ring of Fire's web site. It's a part of our new Pastafarian Missionary Kit (it has nothing to do with boring sexual positions so don't worry about that).

Also new at Ring of Fire is a trailer hitch cover made especially for FSM emblems, Darwin fish and any of our other car emblems. The hitch cover is black plastic with a chrome frame. It looks really cool.

We're also working on more FSM merchandise. We'll have FSM belt buckles and some new pins some time in May. We're thinking about making some T-shirts and pirate bandannas and maybe some treasure chests so Pastafarians can store booty and religious artifacts.

Please stop by and tell us what products you want us to produce.