Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dada's Indictment of Attorney General Gonzalez

Dada has written a brilliant piece today about members of the Christian Taliban, Alberto Abu Gonzalez (Attorney General and chief of torture policy), Colin Uncle Tom Powell, former secretary of state, and Condi, Chevron Oil Tanker Rice (current secretary of state and chief of WMD in the form of mushroom clouds).

Here's a tidbit, but you'll want to read the whole piece:

Dada's dally: "Gonzales so willingly forsakes the dreams of his forebears, his gentle abuelos, just as our former secretary of state Colin Powell or his successor, our current Chevron Oil Tanker secretary of state Rice, foresaked the dreams of theirs, so anxious were they to be white and American and terrorize those of the world of color who were neither."