Thursday, June 01, 2006

Did Bush Steal the 2004 Election? - Bobby Kennedy Jr.

It's about damn time a high-profile person spoke out about the irregularities of the 2004 election. Finally Bobby Kennedy Jr. is breaking the silence in an article in Thursday's Rolling Stone:

THE BRAD BLOG: "[UPDATED] EXCLUSIVE: BOBBY KENNEDY JR. TO QUESTION 2004 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION IN MAJOR ROLLING STONE FEATURE ARTICLE!": "The article -- headlined on the cover as 'Did Bush Steal the 2004 Election?: How 350,000 Votes Disappeared in Ohio' -- has been several months in development and will contend that a concerted effort was undertaken by high-level Republican officials to steal the Election in Ohio -- and thus the country -- in 2004!"

He writes in the 10-page long article, and confirmed to us today, that evidence shows Ohio Sec. of State J. Kenneth Blackwell was "certainly in on" the scheme, and there are indications that the effort went all the way up to the White House.
I just want to know what took so long? And will anyone else have the courage to speak out?