Friday, July 21, 2006

Breaking News: Maria Shriver Not Welcome in Santa Cruz

Maria Shriver made an appearance at the Watsonville Farmers Market today in Santa Cruz County. Among her scheduled activities was an interview with a reporter from the KSBW TV station, however, a protest made her so uncomfortable she skipped her interview and scurried away.

This just happened and isn't in the local news yet, but here's what the protesters had in mind:
MARIA SHRIVER in WATSONVILLE! : Indybay: "Bring signs and noisemakers! Maria Shriver, Arnold Schwarzenneger's wife and ex-anchor for NBC's Dateline, will be visiting the Watsonville Farmers Market.

Shriver is a devout Catholic, and as such, has collaborated with Dr. Laura to bring the anti-gay message to different communities. She has also said she supports her husband, the Governator, in every decision he makes. This means that she also supports the Minutemen Project and dislikes Mexican undocumented immigrants. If so, WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING IN WATSONVILLE?!

Please help us make Maria Shriver feel unwelcome at this Friday's Watsonville Farmer's Market! "
Mission accomplished.

UPDATE: Here's a video of Maria Schriver's hurried escape from dangerous demonstrators (Yep, the spin is that she had to leave for security reasons). I did see a protestor wearing a Che Guevara-style beret, holding a sign saying, "We are not your photo op." I suppose that would spook a woman who is so insecure she married a bulked-up hulk like Schwarzenegger.