Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Atheist vs God & the Post Office in Lompoc

Lompoc, California is a coastal city in Santa Barbara County, where major employers are the Vandenberg Air Force Base and a federal prison complex, so you might expect to see "God Bless America" posters around town. Even the post office had one, but no more. A local resident, Matt Hughes succeeded in having that very poster removed from public view at the Lompoc post office.

The poster featuring a large American flag with the slogan "God Bless America", had been placed on a wall above the area where clerks serve customers. Hughes pointed out that the promotion of religion is the business of churches, not government offices.

Initially when Hughes complained, the supervisor told him, "It's not coming down. You can complain to Washington if you want, but it's not coming down." The postmaster overruled the supervisor.

"I'm delighted that it's down. I think there's no reason that a government facility should have the largest word in the customer services area be the name of some people's deity," Hughes said. "For some people, their god is named Jehovah or Allah. Some people worship Buddha. Some people worship the flying spaghetti monster. But the Christians and Jews have named their god, God with the capital G, and that's whose god was listed in the post office. If there is a god, I would wish he would bless everyone - not just America."
Read the article in the Lompoc Record here: God Bless America poster pulled by Neil Nisperos/Staff Writer nnisperos@lompocrecord.com.

Thanks to AZgoddess and Dada for checking up on me and inviting me to come back to blogging. It felt good to be missed.