Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Pastafarian Stuff

New at Ring of Fire aka Pastafarian HQ:

Jolly Pirate fish lapel pins arrived yesterday along with FSM keychains and Pirate fish keychains.

New also are FSM flags and Pirate fish flags in two sizes: large with grommets and small ones on sticks.

Our new chrome OM symbol car emblems are in and they turned out nicely.

We also have some new wooden chests in various sizes and wooden boxes; trinket boxes topped with a brass Pentagram or an OM symbol; also a wooden chest with two drawers decorated with Pentagrams.

Privateer organic tea has arrived in two flavors: Gunpowder (rolled green tea leaves) are especially appropriate for the discerning Pirate. Also available is Jasmine. They are packaged in sealed canisters with our own private labels designed for Pastafarians.

We might have other new products I forgot to mention, so please stop by and see what's new.

Pastafarians' most important holiday is Talk Like a Pirate Day on Sept. 19. Don't furget or ye be cursed.