Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Baby Lucy: Part Ape, Part Human

An intact skeleton of the oldest hominid child ever discovered, has been found in the Ethiopian desert. She lived more than 3 million years ago and was only 3 years of age when she died in a flood. She belongs to the same species as Lucy, although she lived 150,000 years before Lucy who was found nearby in 1974.

"Baby Lucy" walked upright, but had long arms and could climb trees like an ape. Her voice probably sounded more like that of an ape, than human.

Scientists say that her discovery, supports the case that evolution didn't take place in a straight line from ape to human, different parts evolve at different times and some of these early experiments in evolution contained a combination of human features and ape features.

We see uneven evolution in our modern life today. Many humans in today's world have evolved to study and respect scientific principles, while some 30% or 35% of the population regularly practice fear-based superstitious rituals (religion).

One such throw-back occupies the White House and is engaged in overseeing the killing of innocent people in a distant land. He has great reverence for potential life (fertilized eggs), but places little value on life after it has been born (stem cell research, war, death penalty, etc.) The danger to society as a whole, is that the minority who have failed to evolve, may destroy those of us who have.