Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Foster & Smith Finally Recalled Pet Food

PetConnection reports that Doctors Foster and Smith have finally (what the hell took so long?) recalled some of their pet foods.

As a long time customer of theirs, I can't tell you how disappointed I am that they were the last of the 5 to go public with the fact that they used possibly contaminated rice protein.

We've never purchased pet food from them, but in the past we bought lots of cat furniture, cat toys, and cat care products.

As an act of disapproval and protest, I am now a former customer of Doctors Foster and Smith.

By the way, if you missed Jon Stewart's smack-down of John McCain last night, find a video of it to watch. After we saw it last night I wanted to nominate Jon Steward for GOD (and that's an extreme compliment for a skeptic like me). Now if only a Democratic candidate would do something like that - I'd vote for him (Hillary already lost my vote by refusing to apologize for her previous vote in favor of the war).