Monday, May 28, 2007

Atheist Blog Roll

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Mojoey of Deep Thoughts invited me to join and sent instructions, forcing me to confront my fear of all things technical and java script-y. If I failed, Mojoey would realize that I'm not smart enough to be an atheist. If I succeeded, this blog would be welcomed into the atheist blog roll.

I spent the afternoon at the Land of the Medicine Buddha in Soquel (California) and, I have to tell you, I'm liking Tibetan Buddhism a whole lot. We went there to enjoy the serenity, the hiking trails and for a massage. I was delighted to discover that our masseuse was a woman and a lama and I wanted to ask her a lot of questions, but had to force myself to let her go to her next project.

My encounters with Buddhism and Buddhists always leave me wanting more. They are so different from those proselytizing groups. You just know that if they have to work so hard to sell their religion to you, it's not worth buying and no one is pushing Buddhism on anyone.