Thursday, May 31, 2007

Poisoned Pet Food Maker Flips You Off

According to an article in the Canada Free Press, after Menu Foods sold poisoned pet foods that sickened and killed people's pets, they went from being sorry to harassing grieving pet parents who filed lawsuits.

The pet food company that recalled 60 million cans of contaminated dog and cat food repeatedly made harassing phone calls to pet owners who had lawyers and said they didn't want to talk, even after a judge ordered the firm to leave them alone, court records show." (USA TODAY May 26, 2007). "Lawyers from six firms representing clients who claim their pets were harmed by Menu's pet food asked a federal judge in New Jersey Wednesday to stop Menu from "bullying" people who had called the company since the recall was announced March 16, according to their court filing.

Menu Food's CEO had earlier issued a heartfelt apology:

Our hearts go out to many thousands of pet owners across Canada and the U.S. for their losses and worry," Paul Henderson, president and CEO OF Menu Foods said on March 23

I guess they're only sorry until they have to demonstrate some real regret.

Moralee had the following reaction to the whole thing: