Friday, July 20, 2007

Ben Lomond Woman Loves Animals Too Much

We recently saw a news report on our local TV station about an animal hoarder in Ben Lomond. I immediately suspected a neighbor, but couldn't be sure until yesterday when I saw official Animal Services vehicles, along with a cameraman from KRON-TV based in the San Francisco area, parked outside her house.

83 cats, 2 iguanas and 3 dogs, were found in the house along with 4 feet of feces. One Animal Services employee reported that he almost vomited because of the stench and had to wear a mask.

Yesterday they came back for the 50 cats they couldn't catch on the first day and they set humane traps for the cats, but the only animal they caught was a huge rat.

In the early evening an ambulance arrived at the home and took the occupant away. As they loaded her into the ambulance I could see that she was using an inhaler. I surmise that a combination of the stress and the toxic fumes in her home caused her illness - but this is just a guess.

I hadn'tt seen any activity at that location until 4 pm. when I noticed an Animal Services truck parked at the location again. I assume they are attempting to remove some more cats who are still in there breathing toxic air.

This situation is so sad for the hoarder, the animals in her care and the former owner of what was once a lovely house.