Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm Joining the Apathetic Party

I'm not alone in my disappointment with the new Democratic-controlled Congress. In spite of their success in the last election, they haven't grown any new bones in the void where their spines should be.

My disaffection was enhanced when I read of Robert Redford's observations when he received the Kennedy Center honor in 2005. He said he spent the evening hobnobbing with Washington's elite:

"Here were sworn enemies, the leaders who beat the shit our of each other all day in public, but the minute those doors closed for the state dinner, the daggers went away and it was one big happy family. I saw former Republican Sen. Bill Frist weaving through the tables, and he came over to Ted Kennedy and started massaging his shoulders and laughing like they were the oldest buddies in the world. Everybody was crossing the aisles and chuckling, and I said, 'Oh, I get it! It really is just a game.'"

Unfortunately, we the people, are the pawns in this game.

We recently watched the documentary, "Maxed Out" and I noted that when Congress voted to remove bankruptcy as an option for Americans burdened by debt (a huge give-away to the credit card industry) I noted that the Democrats who opposed the bill were women and people of color. Perhaps they aren't as quick to forget their principles after joining the exclusive club of lawmakers in Congress. This is not to suggest that all women or all people of color have retained their ethics, but I believe there are few people in Congress who haven't sold their souls.

Don't be tempted to vote for Joe Biden in the primary - he voted to eliminate bankruptcy - he's a secret member of the club.

I'm contemplating whether to return to the Green Party. Maybe I'll just join the apathetic party and stop voting.