Saturday, November 17, 2007

Carbohydrate Creator Makes It to the Big Time

The Flying Spaghetti Monster will be represented at the American Academy of Religion's annual meeting in San Diego this weekend.

... three young scholars at the University of Florida who study religion in popular culture ... got to talking, and eventually managed to get a panel on FSM-ism on the agenda at one of the field's most prestigious gatherings.

The title: "Evolutionary Controversy and a Side of Pasta: The Flying Spaghetti Monster and the Subversive Function of Religious Parody.

....The presenters' titles seem almost a parody themselves of academic jargon. Snyder will speak about "Holy Pasta and Authentic Sauce: The Flying Spaghetti Monster's Messy Implications for Theorizing Religion," while Gavin Van Horn's presentation is titled "Noodling around with Religion: Carnival Play, Monstrous Humor, and the Noodly Master."

Lest ye think this be a joke, check it out - this news story appeareth on ye holy news sites: CNN
the AP.