Thursday, January 03, 2008

Taking the Cheetahs Out to Run at Safari West

Our cabin

Us on the safari truck - cheetahs, Gijimi and Thula and their handlers in the back.


Shortly after taking this photo, we had an unexpected event. Gijimi was watching the scenery on the right and began to growl as we passed a lake. Thula became frightened and jumped over the left side of the truck, taking the handlers with her. The driver stopped the truck while the handlers struggled to control the cheetah sisters and calm them down. Cheetahs can see for a distance of 2 ½ miles, so Gijimi probably saw something invisible to us. Thula had been facing forward and, apparently, didn’t see what spooked her sister, but instinctively wanted to run in the opposite direction.

Video here or here if that one doesn't work.