Saturday, September 20, 2008

Silly Religion in the News

Sarah Palin, Republican candidate for VP, was chosen by God's representative (her Assembly of God pastor) to become governor Alaska. By a laying on of hands and prayer, he successfully got her elected according to her. That same pastor successfully drove a witch out of a village in Kenya. Said witch had been accused of causing automobile accidents by casting spells.

I say we cast said pastor into a deep lake and see if he floats.

So much for silly Christians in the news, here's what silly Jews are doing:

Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn are demanding that officials remove two bicycle paths that pass through their neighborhood. Their religious sensibilities are offended by the "sexy" clothing of some of the female riders - you know, tank tops, tight fitting pants, etc.

Not to be left out of the silly news are Muslims in Saudi Arabia where a cleric put out a hit (a fatwa?) on Micky Mouse who he accuses of being Satan's soldier. He claims that Micky Mouse is trying to trick Muslim children into loving mice.

Sorry, I couldn't find any silly Buddhists or Hindus for today's report. I'll keep looking.