Saturday, May 02, 2009

Who Would Jesus Torture?

A Pew poll revealed that church-going Christians are more likely to sanction torture than the general population. People not affiliated with organized religion are less-likely to approve of torture.

You might wonder if those depictions of Jesus being tortured to death has desensitized Christians to the concept of torture but it appears not to be so because more evangelical Christians approve of torture than do Catholics and the latter group use the Jesus-on-the-cross more than do evangelicals.

My conclusion is that evangelicals have an inherent character-defect which is evident in their support for the Republican party. Both evangelicals and Republicans have demonstrated that they are motivated by fear and leaders of these groups motivate their followers (sheep) through the use of fear (fear of terrorists, socialism, Obama, the big bad wolf and hell).

Unfortunately, the Pew poll didn't include Pastafarians, a group more likely to be motivated by fun and not easily frightened. After all when your deity is a monster, you got no worries.