Friday, September 25, 2009

Flying Spaghetti Monster Lending Team

The following conversation took place on Kiva between Pastafarians:

Dan C has left the following message for the The Flying Spaghetti Monster Lending Team:

"Any student of Christian Science who has taken the 'intensive' two-week class instruction in Christian Science healing may use the initials 'C.S.,' and take patients as a practitioner."

"Some traditional insurance plans cover the cost of treatment received from a Christian Science practitioner listed in the Christian Science Journal. The United States government has ruled that payment for Christian Science treatment is now considered a medical expense by the IRS and by the Department of Housing and Urban Development."

Holy macaroni! I looked up "Christian Science Practitioner" because I've been summoned for jury duty (in Massachusetts, USA) and one of the justifications they list for disqualification is, "Physically or mentally incapable of performing jury duty. A note from a doctor or a Christian Science Practitioner describing the illness or disability is required."

Is it just me, or is this completely INSANE??? Do any of you know where I can find a Pastafarian Science Practitioner to evaluate me and determine whether I am fit to serve jury duty? I wonder if that would count...
The following reply was posted:

It is worth trying to get your disqualification by presenting a note on a napkin from chef in any Italian restaurant that has pasta with meatballs on the menu. One assumes that if you present both the note and the menu as supporting evidence it would work.