Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Official Pastafarian Prayer Book

From the Loose Canon

For we shall praise thee in all our Might Oh Great Lord/Lordette that your sexless form shall provide inspiration and equality to Pastafarians across the land.

For subordination of women and separation of roles is an abomination in your eye stalks.

Yes thy humble snail is also a hermaphrodite, intelligently designed in your image. But alas thy brethren the slug did yea verily cop a raw deal, without thy 'Mini-Winnebago' for shelter. And as your tentacles brush the lands of the holy mountain, shall we your pastafarian people extol thee with much joy. For the mystery of thine balls shall result in much fragmented thinking, counter movement and disagreement, like most theological thinking.

For thine balls are the Meatiness, the Mince and the Seasoning. For Ever and Ever,