Friday, October 05, 2012

Flying Spaghetti Monster Cuff Links Reviewed

Excellent review of Ring of Fire's Flying Spaghetti Monster cuff links:

From Paige in Atlanta:

I purchased these as a gift for my new husband, a militant atheist whose rather unexciting tuxedo and formal shirts needed more flash and style. I had introduced him to Pastafarianism early on in our relationship, and he immediately converted once he learned about the beer volcano and stripper factory. It only seemed right to celebrate our sacred nuptials at the County Marriage and Firearm License Office with something as meaningful as our love. The surprisingly high-quality cufflinks delighted him; he calls them "elegant, extraordinary, and a great way to let other atheists know who you are without ruffling feathers at a white-tie affair." I'm happy to have gotten away with a $20 groom gift, because I am, of course, a pirate, and times are tight for the freelancing buccaneer on a budget. I can't recommend these cufflinks more highly. Rating: 5