Thursday, November 18, 2004

Chilling News

Ring of Fire Blog Page:

Just when we thought things couldn't get much worse, Susan Crawford of the Cardozo Law School found a brief suggesting that the FCC aspires to control and ostensibly censor the internet. She comments:

We should care because if the FCC has the power to act on anything that has something to do with communication, we have only the FCC's self-restraint to rely on when it comes to all internet communications. We should care because we want open platforms and open communications to continue. We should care because the future of the internet is at stake -- the FCC will use its 'ancillary jurisdiction' to impose 'social policies' on any services that use the internet protocol, and will point to its broadcast flag action as support for its jurisdictional claims.

The internet is one of the few remaining instruments of democracy left to us but how much longer?"