Tuesday, November 23, 2004

We Are Stardust

"Scientists tell us that an ancient supernova may have jump-started evolution. Scientists from the Technical University of Munich found radioactive dust on the floor of the Pacific Ocean that is likely to have come from an exploding supernova. They dated the stardust to around 2.8 million years ago. The supernova that sent matter flying across space to Earth would have been relatively close, and would have caused an increase in cosmic rays battering Earth, team leader Gunther Korschinek told Discovery.com.
The bombardment of cosmic rays, which has lasted about 300,000 years, might have caused a slight warming of Earth's climate. Scientists note that 2.8 million years ago, Africa became warmer and more arid, causing trees to decline and giving rise to grasslands and marshes. It was this climate change, anthropologists believe, that prompted early hominids to climb down from the trees and start walking upright. "

For those of us who do believe in evolution and honor science, we proudly display our symbol, the Darwin Fish.