Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Cannabis Medicine Approved

Canada plans to approve a cannabis drug developed in the U.K. Canada and the U.K. are part of the civilized world, of course. We can be sure that Chimpy and his minions will continue to try to keep cannabis from Americans who need it. The compassion in conservativism in not evident here.

My sister who has MS will continue to be an outlaw because she uses an illegal medicine, even though her doctor recommended it.

CNN has the rest of the story:
British biotech firm GW Pharmaceuticals' cannabis-based medicine has been tipped for approval for the first time, with Canadian regulators giving the go-ahead for its multiple sclerosis drug....

The medicine, administered by means of a spray into the mouth, will be exclusively marketed in Canada by Germany's Bayer, the firm said.

GW grows thousands of marijuana plants at a secret location in the English countryside, having been granted a dispensation by the government to use the plant for medical research."