Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Notable Quotables

Justin Taylor in The Nation:

"...think about those order-by-phone ads you see for Christian rock double albums on cable channels--all those dead-eyed white kids with the slow sway and the vague smiles; these are the wing nuts of the next generation, and they are largely of age or coming of age to make their vote felt."

Alexander Cockburn of The Nation:

"The neocons? They're holding on, probably aware that if they quit government they'll live like hunted things, fleeing lawsuits down the years. They'll cling on and then hope Bush will pardon them on his way out of Dodge in 2008, same as his dad did Weinberger and his CIA buddies."

"No hearts and minds have been won in Falluja any more than they were won in the Vietnamese countryside around My Lai. The city has been destroyed in order to save it for democracy. The language of the US military commanders, and of the journalists who relay their press releases, echoes with eerie and horrible fidelity those press releases, from US miliary HQ in Saigon thirty-five years ago. LBJ handed the quaqmire on to Nixon. It's Bush's poisoned chalice, bestowed by his first to his second term, the cup he'll be hoisting on Inauguration Day."