Friday, January 14, 2005

Who Would Jesus Hate?

A local high school (Scotts Valley, Calfornia) has a policy of honoring diversity that includes sexual orientation, but a parent is upset because he wants his child to be as prejudiced as he is. Complaining about what his son must endure in a tolerant environment, the wingnut is quoted in the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

"He has to simply endure these messages all day long in the classroom," D’Andrea says. "It’s indoctrination and propagandization. ... It’s reverse intolerance."

Hey dude, reverse intolerance equals tolerance.

And the wingnut was quoted on KSBW-TV:

"My child is not required to respect that type of family unit if it's contrary to that family's religious moral values," D'Andrea said.

Gay teenagers have high suicide rate, but apparently that isn't important when a parent is trying to teach his son to fear and hate people who are different?

I wonder, who would Jesus hate?