Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Animals in the News

Some jerk-off in Wisconsin wants a law that will permit hunters to shoot domestic cats, a yahoo in California wrote a law that would allow trophy hunters to go after Mountain Lions and a 19-year-old hero is currently serving 2 1/2 years in prison for a non-violent action of civil disobedience on behalf of animal rights. He was convicted of an A.L.F. action in Provo, UT where 12 animals were freed and $80,000 in damage were done to animal testing [torture] facilities.

I previously posted information about the bill that would permit trophy hunting of Mountain Lions in California and got a response from someone named Scott:

Conservation, the only rational wildlife management model, says that mountain lion populations should be controlled (i.e. hunted or otherwise killed). I'm sorry that you live in a fantasy world where cute mountain kitties live in perfect harmony with all creatures, great and small, but reality dictates that predators without fear of humans will treat humans as prey.... I hope your child or pet is mauled or eaten by a mountain lion. So there!

Scott is a prime example of a hateful person who lives in a fear-based reality. Lately, progressives have distinguished ourselves from the faith-based community by noting that we are "reality-based", but I'd like to point out that the faith-based group is also fear-based and the Bushites have been expert at manipulating them through their fears. They are indoctrinated early by learning to fear their god, then they fear people who look or behave or worship differently than they and they are frightened by the uncontrolled nature of the natural world. You'd think that followers of Jesus would be motivated by his example and let love and empathy direct their lives (and some do) but mostly we see the kind who want to kill to feel safe. They are willing to slaughter wolves, mountain lions, Muslims, anyone who is accused of having weapons of mass destruction, or anyone or anything that stimulates the fear center in their brains.

I'm personally more frightened by the fundamentalist followers of any god than I ever could fear a wild animal. I would never corner a frightened wild animal - that would be reckless but fear-based, fundamentalists have a "backed into the corner" mentality and are dangerous even to those of us who try to avoid contact with them and they try to control our sexuality and limit our freedoms.

Scott and his fellow hunters are similarly fear-based weenies. Real men (and women) don't need to control or kill everything in their enviroment to feel safe and they prefer to respect the natural world rather than fear it.