Monday, March 07, 2005

Fascism Alert

Here is an entertaining and yet chilling definition of fascism. Thanks to Dada for the link and for his following observation on the news:

As you're aware I'm sure, brash accusations have been hurled at the U.S. as being an assassinator of journalists. The U.S. vehemently denies such charges despite a substantial number of bodies in evidence of such. So, why do they continue to fuel the flames of their detractors with, like, this latest attempt to take out Italian reporter-hostage-just-freed-who's been-crictical and revelatory of- U.S. policy-in Iraq, Giuliana Sgrena? To Bush and his storm troopers, I say: "Na-na, nan-na nah. You missed mother fuckers! Pfffffffffth!

Although I understand his point, I disagree with Dada on his charactization because they didn't miss. Sgrena's bodyguard covered her with his body and took the bullet(s). Their aim was deadly accurate and they would have succeeded in killing her if not for the brave secret service agent who gave his life to protect her.