Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Dada Remembers

April 30th the following message arrived from Dada:

...we volunteered to fold paper bags for a peace demonstration on Memorial Day weekend. The idea is to use these bags as luminarias. They will be lit the evening of the 28th at the Chamizal National Memorial. There will be one bag or lumaria for each soldier killed in Iraq. Well, it's a slow process, but we've done this while watching Amy Goodman. Last night there was a sense of accomplishment--we'd completed our task--all bags were folded. Or so we thought. We soon learned three more GI's had died in Irag yesterday. So we had more to fold. It then occurred to us, we'll not be done folding bags until the 28th of May; until just before they light the luminarias; until we get a last second update on that day's deaths in Iraq.

Whoa! Gotta go!! Just read today's headlines. Four more bags to fold!!!