Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Still Proud to be Uhmurican?

We almost never drive down into town to go to the movies any more (we made an exception for Fahrenheit 9/11). We submit a list of movie requests to Netflix and see movies much later than theater goers do and that's why we only recently viewed "Control Room" about Al Jazeera's coverage of the invasion of Iraq.

Before the actual invasion Hassan Ibrahim, a Sudanese journalist with Al Jazeera, and just one of the film's players who clearly admires the character of the United States and its people - if not the current administration and policies thereof - is quoted in the film as saying he had "absolute confidence in the United States Constitution and absolute confidence in the American people to stop this."

Well, we showed him that his admiration of our constitution and of our integrity as a people was misplaced.

Ibrahim later says, "Democracy or I'll shoot you!" won't work.