Friday, July 15, 2005

Enron Directors Vote for Pay Raise

I'm sure it's tough to make ends meet on a mere $200,000 per year so why not give yourself a million dollar raise (if you're ripping off what's left of the money Enron stole from Grandma Millie in California):

Enron Directors Vote for Pay Raise - Yahoo! News: "The five-member Enron Corp. board of directors has voted for pay raises that boost salaries by as much as $1 million.

In a filing with the New York bankruptcy court that oversaw the company's reorganization last year, the board said it voted to increase its compensation retroactively to the beginning of June.
It raises the annual salary of Chairman John Ray III, a Wheaton, Ill., bankruptcy specialist, from $200,000 to $1.2 million."
Oh, and while we're feeding at the trough, let's obnoxiously slurp it down, just because we can! Those Enron employees who lost their retirement savings will just have to get by on social security if there's any of that left with the Bushites finish with it.