Thursday, July 14, 2005

Explain it to me again

The Bushites are going to have to explain it again to me how we made Iraq a better place. When it became obvious there were no WMDs, the Chimp said we're taking the war to them so they won't bring it to us. London got bombed, so that doesn't work. And everyone keeps saying it was a good thing that we removed Saddam Hussein from power. Oh really? I'm not really seeing the improvement:

Beaten, shot, suffocated: the innocent victims of killer police - World - Times Online: "The corpses of ten men who had been handcuffed, tortured and shot in the head were found in the eastern outskirts of Baghdad yesterday as tension between Iraqis Sunni and Shia communities escalated. The discovery came a day after 12 bodies were found in similar circumstances. All but one of the twelve were Sunnis, including a cleric.

Last weekend ten Sunni men suffocated after being locked up for hours in an unventilated van by police commandos. It was not immediately known whether the ten men found yesterday were Sunni or Shia. "