Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Camp Casey is Moving Closer to Dude Ranch 1

Larry Mattlage fired a shotgun into the air near Cindy Sheehan's camp on Sunday claiming to be shooting at doves, but tacitly admitted that he wanted to intimidate the protestors. His cousin Fred Mattlage said he does not share his cousin's frustrations with the group and has offered to let them use his land. Now they will be located closer to Bush's Dude Ranch than they were before.
One of President Bush's neighbors will allow use of his land by dozens of war protesters who have camped in roadside ditches the past 11 days, giving them more room and halving their distance from Bush's ranch.

Demonstrators said Fred Mattlage made the offer because he sympathizes with them. The protesters' makeshift camp off a winding, two-lane road leading to Bush's ranch has agitated other residents, who complained of traffic jams and blocked roads.