Thursday, August 18, 2005

Listening to Women is Hard Work

Discovery reports that when women are speaking at length, men tend to tune us out and they have an excuse. Our voices are more complex than male voices making men's brains work harder when listening to us.

The shape and size of female vocal cords and larynx cause us to speak with a greater range of sound frequencies than men. Women naturally have more melody in our voices.

Listening to female voices activates the auditory center of a man's brain, which must analyze the different sounds at the same time he's interpreting the words. Men process other male voices in a different portion of their brains.

This study helps explain why people who hear voices generally only hear male voices according to British researcher Michael Hunter.

"The brain would find it much harder to create false female voice accurately than a false male voice."
This might explain why George Coward Bush won't meet with Cindy Sheehan. He just doesn't have the brain power to process the voices of women. That might explain why he ignored Laura Bush's request that he nominate a women to the supreme court and the study might suggest that smarter men are able to process our voices and our words.

The study doesn't explain why Markos Moulitas of the Daily KOS can't handle typed messages of women on his blog however.