Friday, September 09, 2005

The Christian Coalition Hearts Schwarzenegger

They love homophobes:

Christian Coalition Commends Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for Promising to Veto the Bill Which Allows Homosexual 'Marriages' in California, Defying the Referendum Passed by Californians
But Californians are not inclined to re-elect the Gropenfurer to another term according to the latest Field Poll in which:

56 percent of voters would not re-elect the governor. Just 36 percent said they would vote for him again.
The number of registered Republicans in California is in the 30th percentile, so it appears that all Democrats and Independents have terminated their support of the blundering barbarian.

One of the mysteries in life that I ponder in the wee hours when I can't sleep, is what the hell is wrong with Maria Schriver? She finds that crude oaf attractive or desirable in some way? Is she on drugs? Were all the Kennedy men such poor role models, she couldn't recognize all the really cool men who'd have treated her well? I just don't get it.