Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bush Crime Family's Getaway Plans

You might have heard that Big Daddy Bush worried what would happen to his little Shrub if the Democrats win the House and / or Senate. The unspoken worry is that Little Gee Dubya might be brought up on charges of war crimes and who knows what else investigations might uncover, but it appears they have a plan.

According to Paraguayan newspapers, Daddy Bush recently bought a large estate in Paraguay. Why Paraguay, you might ask?

Paraguay is the site of a U.S. military base which was installed there after Paraguay promised to grant American soldiers immunity from the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.

Jenna Bush was sighted there on a secret trip and, at first, authorities denied that it was her and then they cooked up a cover story about her being there on a charitable mission for UNICEF.

Oh puleeze! When has any of that bunch been involved in charitable activities?

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