Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Decline and Fall of American Civilization.

We've all observed that the GOP behaves like pack animals. When Bill Clinton was president, the herd attacked him for having a sexual tryst and tried to remove him from office for it, but when one of their own subverted our constitution, lied us into a disastrous war, broke international law and enabled war profiteering, the herd could see nothing amiss. They blindly followed their leader while stuffing their pockets with cash from lobbyists. They trumpeted loudly that gay marriage would wreck our social institutions while they secretly boinked their gay lovers and chased underage boys.

Just when it looks as though the Democrats have an opportunity to take control of the House and implement some oversight, this frightening rumor has appeared:

From Steve Work:

Human Events claims there's a rumor in D.C. that Justice John Paul Stevens has received "grave medical news and will announce his retirement by year's end."

If this rumor is true, the Supreme Court will be filled with more pack animals and justice will be damned, just like the souls of these stupid, greedy, irresponsible herd animals. The experiment in American democracy will have failed. We'll honor our country's founders for their valiant efforts and we'll accept that we've become a "banana republic"; a nation ruled by corrupt leaders unfettered by the rule of law.