Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pet Food News: Update 1

I recently bought a bag of kibble by Natura aka California Natural, but have been afraid to give any dry food to our cats. I called California Natural who answered their phone (unlike some of the companies I've called) and they assured me they aren't using any contaminated wheat gluten or rice protein. They use only whole brown rice which is unprocessed and uncontaminated.

This news report recommends Natura foods as safe:

"Pet owners shouldn't use any pet food made with grain," said Lynn Maciel, the manager of Western Feed and Pet Supply Store in Orangevale, California according to News 10. She's telling customers about a California firm called Nutura that makes pet chow that's sold in independent supply stores. Nutura sells dry and wet pet food under the California Natural Brand. Macial says the company uses ingredients grown organically.

Authorities said Friday that the gluten and rice protein concentrate - an ingredient in pet foods - might have been intentionally altered to increase their protein concentration. The Food and Drug Administration says 200 animals have succumbed to tainted pet food. More than 1,000 have been sickened. The Web site Pet Connection.Com claims contaminated food has killed more then 4,000 pets.

So who you gonna believe? Bush's lyin' FDA or regular folks?

Thanks to Carrie@MSUinSF who provided another good source for information about pet food recalls: