Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pet Food News: Update 2

A new contaminant (not melamine this time) has been discovered in rice protein. The toxin found in these foods is cyanuric acid - not melamine. This is the first recall attributed to cyanuric acid.

So far, Royal Canin has pulled products due to tainted wheat gluten, corn gluten and rice protein in the US, Canada, and South Africa. And is being sued for Vitamin D overdose.

A new source for information about pet foods is itchmo

Meanwhile PetConnection reports that the FDA has issued a press release and still won't identify the remaining two pet food manufacturers who received contaminated rice protein:

FDA investigators have obtained records showing distribution to five pet food manufacturers in seven locations. Investigators are currently inspecting all five manufacturers and collecting additional samples, as appropriate...

If FDA’s investigation determines that additional pet food products have been manufactured from the suspect rice protein concentrate, FDA will expect manufacturers to initiate voluntary actions to remove these products from the marketplace. FDA will continue to communicate its findings promptly.

Take your time folks (FDA and pet food makers). It's only our beloved companions dying out here.

Meanwhile, I went shopping yesterday and purchased "Steve's Real Food" (freeze dried nuggets of salmon and chicken), Healthy Kitchen's freeze dried foods and Wellness grain-free canned foods.