Friday, July 22, 2005

Democrats 1 - Schwarzenegger - 0

Tom Delay got away with redistricting Texas to pump up Repugs in Congress, so the Gropinator was going to try the same thing in California. The Repugs hired a bunch of people to circulate petitions and they got enough signatures to put a redistricting iniative on the ballot, but they got caught changing the text before it would appear on the ballot and now it's hasta la vista baby.

A Sacramento judge's decision to jettison Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's redistricting initiative from the November ballot throws another roadblock in the way of his efforts to reshape state government.

"The Hummer's got two flats and driving almost on empty," Democratic political consultant Gale Kaufman said Thursday after Judge Gail Ohanesian ruled that the initiative's supporters violated California's constitution by using two versions of the measure in the qualifying process.
Tonight the Daily Show did a segment about the Goober's publicity stunt when he had city workers dig a pothole so he could fill it in front of the cameras. I blogged that right after it happened on June 4th.

The latest polls show that Bush is more popular in California than the Terminator and we don't like Bush much either.
The Public Policy Institute of California poll found 38 percent approve of Bush's performance in office, and just 34 percent said they approve of the job California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing.
When this term is done, I'm betting Ahnie will decide to go back to Hollywood with his tail tucked between his legs.